Japanese New and Used Car, Cars for Sale, Toyota, Honda Japan

Japanese New and Used Car, Cars for Sale, Toyota, Honda Japan

Source: Japanese New and Used Car, Cars for Sale, Toyota, Honda Japan

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Japanese New Car Sales Forecast for the year 2014

The strict sales conditions for the Japanese car sales after the deadly earthquake and tsunami on March 11th 2013, Japanese auto industry was sinking in terms of sales due to production problems as most of their factories were destroyed in the natural disaster. In result, the Japanese car makers were unable to provide delivery of new Japanese cars in schedule time.

This situation sent all Japanese auto makers on back foot, as their sales mark worst decline in the history, and they mark new records for huge loss, keep world auto market open and clean ground for non-Japanese car makers like German car makers and other European and American car companies with any competition.

But after two years of disaster, the situation is completely changed in favor of Japanese new car exporter companies, as they can fulfill the demand of their worldwide customers in promised time and increasing sales records day by day in perfect pace.

If this trend continue for next business year say 2014, the top 5 Japanese car manufacturing companies will become world’s top five auto-makers without doubt. The top financial analysts in the world are agree that 2014 new Japanese cars models will beat all other competitors in quality and quantity of sales units.

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Toyota recall New Prius Hybrid

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced on February 9, 2010 to re-call their new Toyota Prius Hybrid car for repair of brake.

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Japanese new cars production crisis

March 11 ‘2011 earthquake has brought countless crisis in almost all businesses in Japan. The quake has jolt not only the buildings, but also Japanese car industry as well. Delivery of new Japanese cars is delaying due to shortage of important parts.

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